Corona-A Blessing in Disguise

Ever since COVID-19-Coronavirus-Pandemic (call it in any way) broke up in the world, life stopped, paused, moved, again paused, again stopped, again moved, at times ran, and is still moving…

Folks, corona will definitely go some day-some time, but do mark my words… this TIME WOULD NEVER COME BACK!! I will elaborate on my thought now.

Go back to 2019. Try to recollect your memories in all previous years and tell me-

I. When was the last time you sat with your family for whole day, for more than a week?

In 2020-You sat with your near ones not just for a day, a week, but for months. Spent some really precious moments eating with them, watching favorite family series together, recollecting all old memories that almost vanished from your thoughts, and realized-I LOVE MY FAMILY!!

ii. When was the last time you looked at the sky, counted the stars or listened to your favorite music for hours?

In 2020-You did it not just once, but several times, sipped to the terrace and enjoyed the nature. I did it many times this year and do not remember when did I do this last?

iii. Cooking? Not my way!! You must have thought it since you grew up out of your teens… yeah?

In 2020-Many of you not just ate yummylicious food and desserts, but also tried your hands on it. Agree? Since I am married in 2008, I have never seen my husband entering kitchen area to do something else than eating, but this year was different. He asked me to sit for a while and he would be back from the kitchen. And after sometime, he brought in delicious semolina sandwich… my eyes could not believe it became his regular habit after sometime. I wish lockdown stays for more!! ï��

iv. No more seasonal illness. Wondering why? I have got reasons to tell…

COVID-19 definitely lead us all in a troublesome situation but I would definitely say what I saw in the last one year. My two children, one is 11 and the other one is 4 years were used to common seasonal flus at least twice a year since their birth. And then what? Rushing to doctors, loss of studies and mental trauma I had to go through to let them get back to good health again… I get cold shivers when I think of all this!!

By mid-year of 2019, I scrutinized the cause for less of sickness in the recent months (as I had enough time at home you know!) and finally, I realized how come my children weren’t caught up with seasonal flu this year. Sitting at home, my children were definitely least prone to allergies and common communicable illness they usually went through previously (like cold, viral, cough, etc.) when they moved out to school and play with the peers. Not just this, they were also protected against air pollution and other environmental flus while we all were at home and there was hardly any social interaction they went through. And now you know the secret too!! This pandemic is a havoc for everyone but no so much so if we are at home. I am thankful to God every day and wish they stay healthy always. Though I do not wish to hamper their friendships, I hope they play safe in the years to come and the environment is friendlier to them.

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Protect Your Immune System From Hiv

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus was first discovered in the USA in 1981. HIV is a virus that attacks those cells of our body that fight infections and diseases. It makes the victim more vulnerable to diseases. Usually, after acquiring this virus, the patient lives with it for 3 to 4 years without any symptoms until the immune system ultimately weakens. Soon, the patient starts to develop different diseases and ultimately dies of a disease, or in most cases, some cancer.

AIDS is the last stage of HIV. If HIV is left untreated, then the patient develops AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). This is the stage when the patient’s immune system has been completely damaged.


Since HIV is a virus, its ways of transmission are also pretty similar to other viruses. Some ways in which HIV can be transmitted to our body are through:

(I) Sexual intercourse: The most common form of transmission is sexual intercourse with someone already infected. This virus is present in body fluids such as semen and saliva. Apart from that, it also lies in the reproductive tracts of the vagina. This is why having sexual intercourse with an HIV positive man or woman can transfer this virus to your body. It accounts for why prostitution is becoming one of the main causes of AIDS.

(II) Injection needles: Sharing dirty or used injection needles can also spread this virus. It can introduce this virus to our bloodstream and infect us. This is why drug abusers are more likely to be HIV positive, and disposable syringes are used in every hospital.

(III) Mother-to-child transmission: If the mother is HIV positive while pregnant, she might transmit this virus to her unborn child. This is why there have been several cases of young children being found HIV positive.

(IV) Blood transfusions: Having a transfusion of contaminated or infected blood can introduce HIV to your body.


Depending on the infection phase, the symptoms of HIV vary. There are usually three phases of symptoms that are listed below:

(I) Acute HIV: This is the primary stage of infection, and symptoms develop after two to three weeks of being infected. The common symptoms are fever, headache, rash, diarrhea, cough, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands.

(II) Chronic HIV: This is the latent stage when there are no particular symptoms. This stage lasts for some years in several people, and later, they develop even more severe diseases due to the immune system’s failure.

(III) Symptomatic HIV: This is the stage when the virus continues to multiply in the system and destroy the cells. Most of the symptoms like fatigue, diarrhea, oral yeast infection, weight loss, and pneumonia appear at this stage.

(IV) Developing AIDS: Finally, the final stage comes when the victims have developed AIDS, and their immune system has been permanently damaged. At this stage, the patient becomes more vulnerable to infections. The usual symptoms are occurring fever, chronic diarrhea, prolonged fatigue, weakness, weight loss, and white spots on the tongue or mouth.

HIV Treatment

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As of today, there is no vaccine for HIV. However, certain medications can prevent a patient from reaching the final stage of developing AIDS.

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After the diagnosis, the main HIV treatment is antiretroviral therapy using certain combinations of HIV medicines such as Naivex, Tafero, Trustiva, Viraday, etc. Antiretroviral therapy can stop the virus from spreading in the body and advancing to its last stage. It will also prevent its transmission from the patient’s body to another person’s body. However, if the medications are discontinued, the viral load will increase again in the patient’s body.

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